Topside Wear is the start of the merging of two entrepreneurs who have been best friends since 2009.

Mo and Linda met at JMC Academy in Melbourne, a course both of them wanted to pursue because they thought may be they would work in the music industry. Mo used to be a promoter selling tickets to music events and festivals while pursuing her Bachelor's Degree in Marketing in Australia. She was known as the Promoter Queen during her time and had a Facebook group that Linda was a member of. So when they met at JMC Academy unexpectedly, Linda recognized Mo from her Facebook profile picture.

They were instantly clicked and quickly became close friends. After graduating from RMIT university in Melbourne, Mo moved to Sydney for work at a media agency. Linda started pursuing a degree in Dermal Science and later on started a beauty clinic. They both went on different career paths. Nonetheless, they've always stayed close. 

Mo moved away from Australia in 2015 and started her own brand, The Happiness Planner, which quickly became a global sensation in the world of personal development. She started traveling the world. They both have made it a goal to always meet up in Tokyo. Every time they meet, they're reminded of why they're best friends and how alike they are. They are on the same page about most things. 

Linda felt inspired by Mo's entrepreneurial side so she decided to follow her passions and launched her own beauty empire, Skin Health Emporium, which is a platform for natural, clean beauty products, tips, and tricks, as well as running regular Mindfulness Beauty events nationwide in Australia.

Years have gone by. They've always talked about how they'd love to start a brand together. So when Mo came back to Thailand to visit her family and is stuck here for the next couple of months due to COVID19, she saw the opportunity of producing beautiful fashion masks to serve the western market. Linda quickly came to fall in love with the idea. This is the start of Topside Wear and the start of many things the duo will launch together. 

Stay tuned! x